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Volga Christian School

Welcome to VCS!

Our mission is to enable students to honor God by integrating Christian faith, learning, and living through a Christ-centered education.



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Upcoming Events:​​​  

  • July 27th - 7pm - Annual Society Meeting
  • August 3rd - 9-2pm - Registration/Pictures

Volga Christian School is fortunate to have families that support Christian Education.

John and I made the decision to send our children to VCS about 18 years ago after talking to another VCS parent. Our oldest daughter was just 3 at the time. Both John and I attended grade school and high school at Sioux Valley, so we did not have a Christian school heritage. We are grateful to those who encouraged us along the way, throughout the 16 years we’ve been involved at VCS.  Initially what drew us to VCS were the small class sizes, the long history of academic success of VCS graduates, and the bible teachings we wanted our children to be exposed to beyond what is presented in Sunday School and the small amount of time we could devote at home.  There were challenges along the way. Certainly financial challenges for us as a family, it was always difficult making the tuition payments. But as we know, God provides, and somehow the money always seemed to be found. And challenges with the same things parents would likely encounter at any other school: differences with teachers, leadership, other parents, etc. We always remembered the conversation we had with that VCS parent who convinced us that this school is the right place for us: “You have to remember, VCS isn’t “Utopia”, and it’s not perfect. It’s a collection of like-minded parents who want to give their children a Christian education so they’re equipped to walk through life with Christ by their side.”  Today we’re thankful for those challenges! We’re all stronger because of them. Our children have grown into caring friends, they’re respectful toward elders and those in authority, they’re humble, and they’re helpful to those in need, all the while being sinful by nature. They love the Lord as we do and we have confidence that their relationship with Him will continue to grow.  Our investment in VCS helped provide the Christian basis we wanted for our children, and we recommend VCS to those who want the same.
John and Penny Cotton


The Volga Christian School has been part of my life since 1952.  My parents Herman and Alice Volkers made a commitment to have their children attend VCS.  The Christ-centered education has been a blessing to me.  As life brought 3 sons to Lawrence and Sal we made a commitment again, for a Bible based education.  In 2016 our youngest grandchild graduated from VCS.  We thank our awesome God who provided the financial means for the tuition through the years.  Thanks again to the teachers, parents, pastors and many others for prayer, volunteer help and financial support.

Lawrence and Sal VanderWal


VCS has been a part of our family for over 50 years.  We thank God that we have this opportunity for our kids.  The small class sizes and a biblical view of teaching in all subjects has allowed our children to gain confidence and knowledge in their own Christianity.  We look forward to seeing what God has in store for VCS in the next 50 years!

Kevin & Tanya Triebwasser

We have been fortunate and blessed to send our children to Volga Christian School from the beginning.  A Christian based education is a commitment and choice we have found to be rewarding for our children.  Small class size has given our children one on one attention to the basics (reading, math, english) with a Christ centered Teacher and Staff committed to their success.  Our oldest is now in public school after completing the 8th grade at VCS and has done well with the foundation he has received at VCS.   VCS is looking into the future with the new building and continues to incorporate technology so as to continue a high level of excellence.  To God be the Glory!

Dean and Polly VanderWal