Volga Christian School


Volga Christian School strives to keep its education the highest importance. The teachers at VCS differentiate instruction with each child. With our small classes we can meet each child at their learning level and help them to succeed in the classroom. The administration and teachers work at knowing right where the students are at in their learning. We use different assessments to know where each child is academically. For reading and comprehension we use the Dibels Data System. This helps the students and parents know where they are in their reading level to help them excel in their reading and comprehension skills. 

Each teacher has daily prayer, devotions, and a time to teach bible in their classroom. Keeping the Christian beliefs in our classroom is also important. The teachers use their Christian beliefs in all areas of academics; science, social studies/history, reading, writing, and math. Christ is all around us and is in our classrooms. The teachers at VCS help teach the students see how God can be in every area of our lives by using the core education. Integrating Christ into our discussions is a daily occurrence at VCS. Christ is the center of our education at VCS.