Volga Christian School

Staff Directories

Erica Hunt
7th and 8th Grade Instructor


Erica graduated from Sunshine Bible Academy in 2009 and attended Grace University in Nebraska.  She graduated with a degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis on History and Bible.  Her first teaching job was at a Christian school in Williams Bay, Wisconsin for four years.  In 2018. She worked as a resident supervisor at Sunshine Bible Academy.

Erica grew up on the Missouri River in Pierre, SD.  She and her siblings were homeschooled by her mother.  Erica is married to Justin, who is a student in the aviation program at SDSU.  They both enjoy traveling and visiting historical sites.

Eric has always loved learning about God and His world.  As a Christian, Erica believes that God has created the world for us to know Him better, and enjoy deepening her relationship through creation, education and people.  She is excited to be a part of His work at Volga Christian.  Her prayer is that as a teacher, she will be guided by the Holy Spirit and used by God to education with tenacity and boldness, encouraging students not only to learn facts, but also inspire them to know God and glorify Him.

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Vonda Bjorklund
Worship Leader
Richard Brubakken
Elizabeth Christensen
5th and 6th Grade Instructor
Stephanie Dick
Preschool/Kindergarten Prep Instructor
Beth Eich
Administrative Assistant
Jennifer Hosmer
1st and 2nd Grade Instructor
Erica Hunt
7th and 8th Grade Instructor
Maria Schlueter
Kindergarten Instructor
Jenni Waterbury
3rd and 4th Grade Instructor
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  Bjorklund, Vonda PS - 8th grade Worship Leader Email
  Brubakken, Richard Contract Administrator Email
  Christensen, Elizabeth 5th & 6th Grade Teacher Email
  Dick, Stephanie Preschool & Kindergarten Prep Teacher Email
  Eich, Beth School Coordinator Email
  Hosmer, C.T. Custodian
  Hosmer, Jennifer 1st & 2nd Grade Teacher Email
  Hunt, Erica 7th & 8th Grade Teacher Email
  Schlueter, Maria Kindergarten Teacher Email
  Waterbury, Jenni 3rd & 4th Grade Teacher Email