Volga Christian School

History of Volga Christian School

The first meeting of the newly organized school society board was held in the consistory room of the Volga Christian Reformed Church on November 15, 1944. The following officers were elected: President, Rev. M Dornbush; Vice President, E. Meyer; Secretary, Henry Bloem; Treasurer, Melvin Vanden Berg. John Clapp and William DeGroot made up the remainder of the board. 

The next board meeting was held on February 13, 1945. A committee was formed to hire a teacher for summer school which was to begin on June 5, 1945. The teacher's salary was to be $30.00 per week. Tuition would be $4.00 for the first pupil, $2.00 for the second pupil, and $1.00 for the third pupil. Miss Emma Vander Spoel was hired as teacher for the summer. Harriet Vanden Berg was hired as assistant teacher. 

At the June 21, 1945 meeting, considerable time was spent in discussing the possibility of purchasing a building and site for the school.

October 1, 1945, a committee was appointed to investigate the possibility of purchasing a building and site for the school.

December 10, 1945, it was decided that the Christian School Society join the National Union of Christian Schools. Various tracts of land and buildings were considered for purchase before it was finally decided to buy the house of Merle Olson for $350.00.  This house was located about seven miles northwest of Volga and it was the intention that it be moved and constructed into a school house. It was again decided to have Vacation Bible School in the summer of 1946 and to secure two teachers. Miss Fannie Bloemendaal and Miss Harriet Vanden Berg were hired.

At the Christian School Society meeting held February 5, 1947, it was decided to buy a two acre tract of land from M.H. Mans for the sum of $1250.0o, and also to advertise for sale the house recently purchased by the society from Merle Olson. It was decided to work in the direction of opening a Christian school by September, 1948. Also to have the Society incorporated under the laws of the state.

The house was sold by the society for the sum of $500.00. at the school society meeting held July 23, 1947, plans for a two room school building, size 38 by 52, were presented. After a lengthy discussion, plans were accepted. Four men were chosen to serve as a building committee. After investigating costs and material, it was decided to erect this building of cement blocks at the estimated cost of $15,000.00. Henry Lengkeek was hired as contractor and the building began in the summer of 1948.

Looking forward to the opening day of school, tuition rates were set as follows: $12.oo for the first child; $6.00 for the second child and $4.00 for three or more children. The opening day of school was September 5, 1949, and the first teachers hired were Miss Agnus DeGroot to teach the first four grades and Miss Marie Klumpers to teach grades five through eight. 

The School Society met on July 22, 1952, and approved a motion to build a wing on the school in the summer of 1953.  The new addition was completed at the cost of $8,627.87 and in use by the beginning of the 1953-54 school term.

The first Harvest Festival was held in the fall of 1963.

Kindergarten classes began April 6, 1964, for a period of six weeks, 1/2 day for five days a week in a church basement.