Volga Christian School

Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival started in 1963 and is held the first Saturday in November.  It was coined the "Harvest Festival" due to the timing of harvest and the donations from area farmers.  Often of the donations would be crops, hay and even livestock.  The first Harvest Festival was held in the basement of the Volga Auditorium.  Along with donations of items being auctioned off, there was a meal prepared and served.  As the auction portion of the Harvest Festival began to increase with more pieces to auction off, they moved the auction upstairs and had the meal remained downstairs at the Auditorium.  Over the years it has continued to grow in size and attendance. Volga Christian School out grew the auditorium space and is not utilizing the Sioux Valley Public School gymnasium. 

The Harvest Festival continues to be at the Sioux Valley gymnasium.  VCS parents are asked to contact businesses in the surrounding communites for donations to be auctioned or monitary donations if the business desires.  VCS has been blessed throughout the years with the abundant participation of area businesses.  Any individual or business is welcome to donate items to the Harvest Festival.

The Harvest Festival starts at 11:00AM with a soup and sandwich meal.  The meal consists of Chicken noodle soup, Braccoli Cheese soup, Chili, Hot ham sandwiches, BBQ's, chips, cookies, pie, and a drink.  One item that remains constant in the meal line is the Gold Brick.  Don't miss out on these "legendary" treats!

The funds raised during the Harvest Festival benefit the general budget and the day to day operations of VCS.

Thank you to the area businesses for their donations and continued support of VCS! We truly appreciate all you do for VCS!